Dubai Ranked Among the Top Globalized Emerging City of the World


Digitization, urbanization and the most important Globalization these are the three key trends and the factors shaping the future of Dubai, as it developed into a global city. If you were looking for the property investment this year, then you can turn around your eyes to Dubai, as it is the top contender this year in the emerging cities list. The emirate has been named the world’s third most globalized emerging city and which are the reason you can think of investments in the Dubai, it can set you up with good profits in the future.

The Global Shapers Annual Survey 2015 provided the insights into how Millennials see the world. They have chosen the UAE as the top emerging-market destination. The Millennials are choosing a country that is very serious and concern about the professional advancement,” – Yemi Babington-Ashaye, Global Shapers Community Head, World Economic Forum.


Dubai’s efficient, stable, emerging and pro-business environment, connectivity across more than 200 cities approx and proximity to the world’s largest wealth funds are just a few of the considerations that are increasing the number of investors, corporations and young talent.

Dubai presents a unique opportunity to the peoples that needs to be developed, harnessed and invested in. Dubai has world-class infrastructure, global aviation connectivity, services and friendly time zone, combined with a diverse population and talented pool of people, there is no rival in the Middle East to Dubai’s position as a global city. It is the right time to invest in Dubai and be a part of the globalized, emerging city in UAE.

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