Steps to Obtain Emirates ID, Visa and Driving License in Dubai


When you move abroad (Dubai), you’re joining a new community, some of whom are local ones and others who have been settled there from different corners of the world. When we first arrives in Dubai, there are 3 main concerns going through the mind i.e. residency, ID and driving license.

Here is the complete guidance provided which you need to know:


Passport and US Visa

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For residency visa in Dubai the important documents needed on arrival are:

  • Education Documents
  • Birth certificates
  • Degree certification
  • Marriage Certificates
  • 6 Months Bank Statement

Note: Make sure all your documents and certificates are attested in your home country, or country of issuing.

Benefits of Residence Visa:

  • Find Accommodation.
  • Open a Bank Account.
  • Obtain a Labour Card.
  • Obtain a Driving License.

Medical test:

In order to get residence visa you have to go through communicable disease test such as HIV, TB & tuberculosis.

In test you need:

  • Test form filled out in Arabic
  • Two passport photos
  • Receipt for the 310AED that you paid for your health card.
  • Fee of 210AED

Note: If your tests failed i.e. positive you will be deported to your home country.

Emirates ID


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The ID card is mandatory for all the citizens of UAE. You can get the application form on the official EIDA website, once you fill it bring along to an EIDA registration office. Your ID will be ready in 7-10 working days.


  • 100AED for UAE Nationals.
  • 100AED per year of visa validity.
  • 40AED purchasing of Emirates Post envelope.
  • 20AED postal delivery.


  • Provides Identity Information
  • Identification and Verification as per International Standards
  • Protect individuals’ identity
  • Portable personal database
  • Can be used to access Secure e-Services
  • Stores many ID applications in future
  • Prevents fraud & Identity Theft

Driving license


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If you have valid international license then you need to go along to the RTA License section of an RTA Office and there are several located across the city.

Documents need:

  • Valid International License
  • Passport with Residency Visa
  • 8 passport Size Photos
  • Eyesight Test Result

Note: If you don’t have valid international license then you have undergo training from recognized driving school.

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