Top 5 Skyscrapers of UAE

From last 15 years ;count of skyscrapers now have reached to almost 190 in Dubai, Both Dubai and Abu Dhabi brag skylines featuring innovative, fascinating and sometimes strange skyscrapers. The United Arab Emirates sits at number 4 on the list of countries with the most finished or topped-out skyscrapers, after Hong Kong, the United States and Japan. Dubai has more arises than Abu Dhabi, with 18 finished and topped-out buildings.

Burj Khalifa:


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Its 829.8 meters tall building completed on the 16 Jan 2009, It has 163 floors, 1.85 million sq/ft of residential area and 300,000 sq/ft of office area, including lounges, health and wellness facilities, 4 pools and 2 observation decks. It was plotted by Adrian Smith.

Princess Tower: 


Princess Tower has 107 floors which all are residential. 100 of those floors are above ground with the others being in the under croft. It comprises 763 units, 957 parking bays which are spread over 6 floors, and 8 retail outlets. This impressive building was delivered by Tameer Holdings in September 2012. It is the 2nd tallest building in Dubai.

Marina Tower:


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Coming in 3rd to the Burj Khalifa and Princess Tower in Dubai, 23 Marina has 88 floors and is a residential skyscraper. This amazing tower is home to 57 swimming pools and each duplex has private elevator.

Elite Residence:


Situated in Dubai’s Marina District, the Elite Residence is one of the man-made Palm Islands and its 380.5 m tall. Its 91 floors comprise 695 apartments over 76 floors and the other 15 are home to leisure facilities like swimming pools, spas, reception areas, health clubs, a business centre and a gym.

Burj Mohammed Bin Rashid:


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Situated in the heart of Abu Dhabi. It’s considered to be a conventional crossroads and meeting point in the city. The Central Market plan is a complex consisting of 3 skyscrapers, of which the tallest is the Burj Mohammed bin Rashid.2 skyscrapers are malls and 2 Marriott hotels. They are part of a 700,000 sq. m mixed-use development. The Burj Mohammed bin Rashid was examined the tallest building in Abu Dhabi when it was finished in 2014, standing at 381 m and 92 floors tall. There is a traditional souk and up to 7 floors of retail in the podium, a roof above the market place and a bridge that connects these areas together.

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