Three Best and Expensive Restaurants

AT.MOSPHERE is located in the world’s tallest building, Burj Khalifa on level 122. It is the holder of the Guinness World Record of highest restaurant from ground level in the world is AT.MOSPHERE. It is all about the fine dining experience; although for some guests the restaurant’s view might be enough of an experience. Michelin-Chef Jitin Joshi and his exquisite set menus make the unique experience of visiting the highest restaurant in the world. This fine dining place is all about food, some of his dishes include veal tartar and seared langoustine is must tested food. If you want to enjoy a cocktail and want to admire the views; you are also welcomed. Menus start at $175 per person, excluding beverages.


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PIERCHIC sets on uplifts balcony in the open water, accessible through the long dock from the beach of Dubai. Offering stunning views of the ocean with the view of the grand hotel Burj Al Arab and the beautiful luxury resort Jumeirah. This is considered to be one of the most amorous restaurants in the city. The perfect balance of inside and outside space and open layout of the restaurant is appealing for those who want to enjoy evening with special one gazing beauty of ocean with delicious food. It serves gourmet seafood, including the best oysters, poached trout and crab risotto. Chef de Cuisine Rosalind Parsk has worked in many Michelin-star restaurants around the world including Marco Pierre White, Gordon Ramsay and Gary Rhodes. Menus start at $225 per person, beverages excluded


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Al MAHARA, placed within the famous Burj Al Arab, from soft seating to the floor to ceiling aquarium and most flavourful dishes to the attentive service will spark your all senses like you have ever experienced. It offers fresh seafood every day, this amazing restaurant creates delicious dishes of seafood and guests can combine the delicate flavours with great selection fine wines from around the globe.


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Every dish is quite surprising, although some dishes are authentic and simple.  They also serve the best cuts of Wagyu beef for meat lovers. Menus start at $230 per person, excluding beverages.

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