Fast Emerging Business Hub: Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi is to be considered as the fast emerging prime financial, logistics, trading and business hub in the region and will be giving neighboring Dubai a decent challenge in coming years.

While most people think that low oil prices would dent the growth prospects of emirates, nothing real has come to substantiate the misplaced predictions. UAE capital has one of the most effective and efficient ports in the world and alone region makes the city an ideal stop for freight traffic moving between the western and eastern parts of the world. It’s one of the most dynamic re-export and trade destination in the region, along-with an important industrial hub for the entire nation.


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Government has also put in measures to make Abu Dhabi an awesome financial services hub, Abu Dhabi Global Market is already attracting world class players like Aberdeen Asset Management and Macquarie Capital, making the sector more valuable.

All this economic agitation has naturally attracted top human-talent across the world to this vibrant city, giving way to a constantly rising need for accommodating a rising population. With the arrival of professionals and workers emirate’s realty sector got the boost to make it a lucrative investment destination providing great returns to investors.


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Studies by say, apartment rental yields in Abu Dhabi outshine many global cities, with returns going high in certain bed categories. Average apartment rent yield in the emirate remained stable as before and more attractive than Dubai. However, it should be noted that yields are still higher in comparison to established global cities like Hong Kong and London.

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